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I provide energy work and hypnotherapy sessions online and by phone to avoid physical contact. These sessions are extremely powerful and have helped a vast amount of people continue to receive treatment in their home to avoid unnecessary exposure. For those that do want to come to my office, I have a home office and receive limited number of patients to prevent the heavy flow of exposure as may occur in larger, office type and multiple therapists setting. I log and keep my own necessary outings to a minimum and encourage online where I can. I do a pre-screening call before my patient’s arrival. I wear a mask presently, as long as guidelines suggest. Hand sanitizer is used by both practitioner and patient upon entry and exit. Handwashing station is readily available for use. Hospital grade cleaner is used on all surfaces between each patient to ensure no surface contact exposure. I allow extra time so that no patient will have an extended wait period or crossover with other patients.

*These protocols are subject to relax or become more stringent as Tennessee and Health Board guidelines evolve.

Hypnotherapy is a method of treatment that takes the client into an exceptionally light trance state, also known as “Alpha” to receive suggestive messages from a certified hypnotherapist that influences positive change.

Hypnotherapy treats a variety of challenges such as stress, anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessation, fears, and phobias such as fear of flying, escalators, or dental procedures. It also assists in letting go of past experiences that have negatively shaped your present so that you may move past into a more positive future.

My hypnotherapy sessions last anywhere from 60-90 minutes. The initial consultation can last on the longer side, where we delve into what issues you would like to approach with hypnotherapy, I learn your communication style, and what would best benefit you in a session, and build your session while you are there.

Subsequent sessions are shorter, at 60 minutes, as consultation is not needed. I normally do a short session of NLP before hypnotherapy because they tend to build on one another and make a greater impact for the client’s success. You will be asked to wear comfortable clothing, turn off cell phone, and make yourself comfortable on the treatment table where you will be reclined and completely comfortable. You’ll be guided into a very light trance state, given imagery and scenes to relax you and, while using all the senses in your visualization, be given suggestions to make changes in areas of your life that you face challenges, deep changes that we cannot often process with our thinking mind.
After 45-60 minutes, you will be brought out of the light trance and allowed to wake back up well. You will be given or emailed your recording of the session to listen to daily for a few days to weeks depending on the issue.

These are, by far, my favorite sessions to perform. I have been blessed with an exposure to hypnotherapy and guided hypnosis for almost forty years.
These can also be done by online and phone appointment, perfect for covid guidelines.

Neurolinguistic Programming is a process used to utilize what we think (neuro) with how we communicate (linguistic) and put that together with how we behave (programming) and rewrite that programming so that we have a different, better outcome, than what has served us in the past.
NLP is a process to help you understand you own mind, how you think and react to emotions and certain situations. It helps you also to see how you have been successful in the past and build a new thought process (program) upon that foundation.

NLP treats a variety of challenges related to stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, weight loss, self-confidence issues, and more.

An NLP session lasts approximately an hour. You will be seated the entire time. It is best to wear comfortable clothing and leave your cell phone turned off. Challenges are discussed and corrective language is practiced turning around negative thinking. Goals are assessed and at that time you will go through a series of techniques such as visualization, mental imagery, or visual-kinesthetic dissociation, where you are guided to relieve trauma and past negative experiences from a distance or an imaginative, out-of-body type experience. These sessions are interactive and incredibly empowering experiences.

Hypnosis and NLP are two, totally different methods for creating change, but used together, can boost your results by tackling challenges from two different angles. By combining these two methods you can gain better support and control of the thinking and subconscious mind, creating a faster, more lasting change. The result is incredibly positive.

I speak and listen to your body with my hands. My work is guided by three essential session types based on what your needs are at that time. Earth Massage releases tension stored within the body. Fire Massage is a rejuvenating massage for those who feel lethargic. Spirit Massage is meant to quiet the mind and calm the body in a gentle way.

Similarly, massage and acupressure/reflexology both touch the body, are both considered bodywork. They both assist in relieving certain conditions and symptoms such as stress, headaches, chronic pain, and more. In both, you are lying on a massage table. Both massage and acupressure/reflexology can be gentle or apply deeper pressure.
In difference, massage, you disrobe to your comfort level and are covered by a sheet and blanket except for the body part being worked on at the time. With acupressure/reflexology, you leave your comfortable clothing on and can lie on top of the sheets or underneath a blanket per your comfort. Where massage uses oils and creams to help glide the hand, forearm, or elbow along the body, acupressure/reflexology tends to not use creams and oils. On occasion an essential oil and a camphor oil is used on acupressure points.

I look deeper than most therapists into not only what is going on with the body but what is happening with all the systems of the body. This gives guidance on a much more profound level to take your treatment to a place that will address the root versus merely symptoms.
It does take a good 15-30 minutes depending on your case, to complete, but it is only one time and helps create a wonderful, you-centered treatment.

To make an appointment please call, 931-548-4404, click the online booking button on my webpage, or compete the contact me page and I will get you in for your session once your initial intake form is complete.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 10am-4pm and every 4th Saturday of the month 10am-4pm

No. I teach seminars on the weekend and spend evenings resting with my family. I do provide one Saturday a month for sessions.

Most therapies are $60 and $90, based on 60- and 90-minute times per allotted session.

Yes. If you book online, you must reserve appointment with a credit card, but can pay cash at time of service and be extended a $5 discount. Do you have a recurring monthly treatment program available with discount? I do offer two options. I provide a Buy 4 Sessions, Get 1 Free opportunity. The 60 and 90 minute package sessions may be purchased here for $240 and $360 respectively: .

Also, I provide a monthly subscription for custom, downloadable hypnosis sessions you may purchase here:

I graduated top of my class with honors and multiple awards from a 2-year, 1200-hour massage therapy degree program school in 2003. I hold extensive training in Eastern and Western Modalities with focus in Shiatsu Acupressure, Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Energy Medicine, Breema, Creatures of Water therapy, Mattes Method of Active Isolated Stretching and Neuromuscular Therapy. I have been a Reiki master teacher since 2005. In 2017 I expanded beyond my expertise to add Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy to my treatment form. During Covid shutdown, I worked tirelessly, day and night to complete my Masters in Neurolinguistic Programming and expand my hypnosis to include Ericksonian Method. I also hold honors in public speaking across multiple presentation platforms for the past 25 years.

No. Not under the age of 18. I do have a list of providers I can refer out to if needed.

Only with NLP and Hypnotherapy. Not with massage.

Thank you for visiting! Firstly, explore the complimentary guided meditation and services pages and consider scheduling an online or in-person session to create a custom treatment just for you.

Yes, for energy work and hypnotherapy sessions. This is my most popular option for those with covid concerns.