Qigong and Qi Thursday

About Qi Thursday

Every Thursday at 7:30 PM (ET) over Zoom

Enter a Quantum Qi field of healing.

Qi is the foundation for your very existence and is the life force that allows you to heal from and prevent disease.  The Qigong posture, Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth helps the body accumulate Qi. The posture must be done properly and the longer your stand the more Qi you will receive. This free class is offered weekly to support quality and quantity practice for our community.

Dragon Stands Between Heaven and Earth: Powerful Qigong posture to increase Qi levels.

Mark your calendars and make a personal commitment to join us each week. Amplify your Qi results by stepping into an energy field with hundreds of like-minded people.

Establish a pattern to quiet the mind and support the body as it develops strength to stand for longer periods.

Establishing Quality Practice

We teach you how to gain the most out of the posture. Best of all, in a large virtual group, we practice for 30 minutes.  Sounds like a longtime but in this quantum Qi field you’ll be supported to calm the mind and build strength.
Can’t stand for that long?  Stand for as long as you can, then finish the practice by sitting in meditation.

How to Access the Call

There’s NO need to register.  If you currently receive our TCMWorld.org Newsletter, you will automatically receive a reminder email with the Zoom link. There’s also a Zoom below.  Please add the link to your calendar.
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Due to the nature of this practice, please be on time as we will not admit late comers.
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Feb 06 2025


6:30/7:30 EST
6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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