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Anma Acupressure On the Mat

Anma, An meaning “press” and ma meaning “soothe,” is an ancient Oriental bodywork treatment that uses mainly the thumbs, fingers, and palms to apply pressure to soothe both the energetic channel points, called Xue in Chinese, and the acupuncture channels, on the body. The goal of Anma Acupressure is to treat specific conditions originating either from an excess or deficiency in Qi and Blood of the internal organs, that causes discomfort in the body.

This particular method of acupressure is performed ancient, traditional style while fully clothed on a comfortable floor mat.

Check out a demonstration video of this ancient healing method.

Acupressure with Chinese Tuina Massage, Head and Feet Reflexology

Experience acupressure like no other. Deep rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy, Xiao Dao offers a modern way to release stress, tension, and pressures that keep us from living up to our fullest potential. Xiao Dao is a 40-minute acupressure treatment with added Tuina Massage, along with Head and Feet Reflexology to bring harmony to the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.