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A Message From Amber

Ever since I was a child, I have felt a strong connection to the spiritual side of life. This awareness has persistently propelled me in my journey of self-discovery and healing.

As so many people do, I turned away from that inner voice and became less of who I was, and more of what I thought society required me to be, to fit in with its fast pace. That allowed me many direct experiences of the challenges you face in the Western world today.

Through my practice, my mission is to guide you to a deeper understanding that true healing is a yielding of beliefs that no longer serve us about who we think we are, and how we think our life should be. It is a greater awareness of how to live our lives more fully with complete surrender. This is one of the main keys my master, Grand Master Nan Lu, gave me to shift toward a more balanced and fulfilled life.

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How It works?

01 How It Works

How It Works

Forming a partnership on your health journey is crucial. We are here as a guide to assist you in the work you came here to do on yourself. Your body possesses incredible potential, with time, practice, and a little faith you can turn the corner toward your highest health potential.

02 Sign Up For Class

Sign Up For Class

To build a strong foundation of health it is recommended to register for an In-Person or Live Zoom course in Dragon’s Way Qigong® (Wellness System), or Qigong for Breast Health (Women Only) to benefit from a daily health practice then progress to Acupressure for support. Four Energy Gates (Daily Acupressure Tune-up), Daily System Reboot (Daily Acupressure to Reboot your System), and Spirit Gate Breathing are complimentary classes offered seasonally to enhance your life.

03 Experience Relief

Experience Relief

Beginning a daily practice will give you access to your own genetic wisdom that you can use to heal yourself. Sometimes, during this process, we need a little extra boost. Now would be the time to make your Xiao Dao Acupressure or Immune System Reboot Acupressure appointment. This will help unravel stress and give you the support you need while building a bridge to your highest health.


About Harmony Healing

Stress plays a major role in the harmony of our health. Allow healing to be initiated by the body with a variety of classes and treatments to eliminate stress. Go deeper with Acupressure techniques to enhance your body’s ability to let go and remember your body, mind, emotional, and spiritual potential.

Learn ways to understand your path that focuses on living more closely with Nature versus the hustle and bustle of present western society. For a deeper habit change related to weight loss, anxiety, stress related issues, and more experience Dragon’s Way Qigong® wellness system.